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PolyVue High Definition Lenses                                   

Never before have the benefits of aberration reducing geometry and improved reading magnification been incorporated into a High Definition soft multifocal design. We all now know the benefits of aberration control technology in single vision lenses. Better distance vision, better management of astigmatism and better range of accommodation are among the key benefits. For the first time, these benefits are incorporated into a unique, soft, multifocal lens design– the PolyVue HDX Progressive family of contact lenses. All contact lenses lack the natural magnification that spectacles provide. The PolyVue HDX Series Progressives uses a unique non-linear “plus” geometry to improve near magnification for more comfortable reading. The PolyVue HDX Progressive is the only multifocal available that provides the benefits of aberration control combined with improved reading magnification. An experienced multifocal fitter can expect significant improvements in fitting success using the PolyVue HDX Progressive soft lens. (Available in a monthly HDX2, Quarterly HDX and Toric Quarterly HDX-T)

The Key to Success

Simulating natural stereo accommodation, the aberration-reducing geometry of the PolyVue Progressive lens provides comfortable simultaneous correction for near, intermediate and distance vision while simulating “natural accommodation” equally in both eyes. This is possible because the lens eliminates the spherical aberration associated with most contact lens designs. Because of this, most PolyVue Progressive fits are binocular in fashion rather than the modified monovision, which is required when fitting most multifocal lenses.