PolyVue High Definition Aspheric (HD/HD2/HD Dailies)

Unlike other aspheric lenses, PolyVue High Definition Aspheric incorporates the ideal aspheric curvature for each soft lens power to compensate for aberration caused by lens flexure on the eye. It improves depth of field and visual acuity at all distances and reduces refractive astigmatism. An excellent choice for early presbyopes and low astigmats.

PolyVue High Definition Progressive Multifocal (HDX/HDX2)

All the benefits of the High Definition Aspheric lens with an enhanced progressive add in the center, HDX/HDX2 Progressive is designed for early to mature presbyopes. Remarkably high clinical success rate with a single add parameter sets a new standard in the soft multifocal contact lenses. Versatile lens provides stable vision and comfort all day long.

PolyVue High Definition Toric Aspheric (HD-T)

PolyVue even offers a High Definition lens to fit the needs of toric patients. All PolyVue High Definition contact lenses naturally mask up to 0.75 diopter of refractive astigmatism. Thus, practitioners can enjoy simplified fitting and reduced inventory for patients with astigmatism.

PolyVue HDX Toric Progressive Multifocal (HDX-T)

HDX-T lens incorporates the proven optics of the HDX Progressive with a cylinder back-surface to meet the needs of the large population of presbyopes with astigmatism. Rotationally very stable, the lens will provide comfortable vision at all distances throughout the day.

PolyVue HD Pro Color

HD Pro Color contact lenses utilize the same patented optics as the PolyVue High Definition Aspheric line of lenses and have three tone opaque color designs that will integrate with patients’ eye color for an exceptionally natural look.