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PolyVue Distribution, Inc.

PolyVue Distribution, Inc., based in Oceanside, Calif., markets specialty soft contact lens products through a nationwide network of independent vision care distributors. The PolyVue family of lenses is designed to optimize the ability of eye care professionals to meet the needs of a wide variety of patients.

PolyVue soft contact lens designs are based on technology patented by PolyVue Technologies, Inc. All lens designs feature spherical aberration control optics for enhanced visual acuity at all distances, improved depth of field and reduced refractive astigmatism.

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PolyVue Technologies Inc.

PolyVue Technologies Inc., founded in 1998, has developed several specialty vision care technologies that provide broad segments of the population with better vision correction options than have previously been achievable. The main products the company developed thus far are:

PolyWaveâ„¢ custom Wavefront soft contact lenses for optimized vision

High Definition aberration reducing soft contact lenses

Multifocal soft contact lenses

Multifocal intraocular lenses

Based on patented technologies developed by the Company, specialty contact lenses are currently being manufactured under license in Asia, Europe and the USA. The products for all PolyVue lenses are cast molded in Korea by Interojo and are sold through PolyVue Distribution, Inc.

PolyVue's List of Patents:

US005864379 (1-26-1999)

US006082856 (7-4-2000)

US006086204 (7-11-2000)

US006540353 (4-1-2003)

More recently, PolyVue has focused increasing attention on the development of wavefront contact lenses, a method of vision correction that has the potential to provide optimum visual acuity, far superior to today's standard of "20/20 vision." Contact lenses manufactured with the benefits of wavefront technology may redefine the vision standard from 20/20 to 20/10. Contrast may be improved as much as two to five times. Not only can this be a significant benefit to those with sub-normal vision, but also individuals desiring greater acuity and contrast, such as athletes, pilots, and law enforcement personnel, could experience enhanced vision, as well as general consumers desiring enhanced vision. The company licensed its wavefront contact lens manufacturing process to a major international contact lens company.