Eye Care Providers


Together the new HD2 and HDX2 lenses form the most advanced complete system to manage monthly replacement fittings for myopes, hyperopes, low astigmats and presbyopes alike. Incorporating a patented design that provides the ideal curvature for each lens power and the HD front surface that compensates for lens flexure on the eye, PolyVue lenses have been uniquely optimized for maximum spherical aberration reduction.

The optics in both the HD2 and HDX2 naturally mask up to 0.75 diopter astigmatism. The HD2 can be fit to provide emerging presbyopes with up to a +1.00 Add power correction or single vision young adult patients looking to obtain high definition vision. The HDX2 is a progressive lens that builds on the superb HD2 foundation incorporating a center near progressive zone for +1.25 to +2.50 Add requirements. The progressive area of the lens smoothly transitions into the outer aspheric portion providing patients with greatly reduced adaptation time and the fantastic distance vision of the HD2.

Both lenses are manufactured with a state of the art Hypathin™ cast-mold process and incorporate PolyVue’s signature Comfort Perfected™ lens edge design. Offered in a hydrophilic hydrogel with 55% water content, these lenses stay fresh all day and provide superior comfort and unparalleled visual acuity that both you and your patients will love.